Shrink Wrapping Case Study - Cash & Carry Warehouse

Case Study Cash And Carry Warehouse


A Cash and Carry business invariably sells bulk items to retailers, restaurants and companies with a need for more accommodating pricing but those that can't set up direct relationships with a wholesale supplier.

Within such a large operation damage can occur to the original seal or wrap on multi packs of loose items, boxes and bottles. While this is a business to business operation, goods still need to look attractive and have additional protection while awaiting sale. Therefore a cash and carry shrink wrap machine would be the ideal solution.

Project Specifications:

This is a new operation and through trading for several months the business partners have found that staff have been required to reduce items in price due to packaging being broken. Smaller retailers like newsagents and corner shops use a Cash and Carry to resell items so products need to be pristine as opposed to those perhaps used by restaurants behind the scenes.

The client requires a relatively affordable shrink wrap machine for Cash and Carry operations. The investment in such a solution can be more than paid for by lessening discounts on broken packaging and thrown away goods due to damage. The business offers multi pack self shopping but also runs a picking service that is delivered on pallets via delivery trucks.

Overview: The client's budget was more than accommodating. The type of damage so far seen suggested there was only a handful of damaged products and cartons on a daily basis but over a year this tallies up to mid four figures especially in the busy season.

A low end L Sealer with Tunnel combined would solve these daily issues and allow for any increase in the future. The client had considered a sleeve sealer would do the job but at three times the cost and more automation than needed.

As our quote came under budget so much, the client decided to switch from manual pallet wrapping to automated with an automatic pallet wrapper to complete the picking process and to make goods more secure for delivery. A carton sealer was considered but deemed unnecessary.

Company Budget: £15000

Purchase Costs: £7800

Production Upturn: 25% + no more discounting damaged packages


A Cash and Carry shrink wrap case study is a per warehouse assessment and review and no two will ever be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your warehousing needs. This study involved two pieces of shrink wrap equipment, L Sealer with Combined Tunnel and xxxx automatic pallet wrapper

Project Comment:

"It was a real pleasure to understand the problems this business was facing and how we could resolve them with a dedicated Cash and Carry shrink wrap machine. Not only will they now speed up the picking process and have better results with damage limitation, but save on any further discounting of products to their business clients."

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