Case Study - Hogsbottom Garden Delights


We were contacted by an award winning artisan Jam, chutney and preserve producer that currently handmake in small batches jams chutneys and dressings to maximise the flavour and they use local fresh produce whenever seasonally possible.

With a forty foot long row of raspberry canes to use each year at the BOTTOM of the GARDEN we eventually got fed up with making jam and liqueurs.

We developed and bottled some salad dressings and fruit vinegars to give to friends and family as presents. This proved a bit of a hit so more flavours were made!

At the same time we released hedgehogs into the Bottom of our garden and the name was born!

Hogsbottom, are passionate and only natural ingredients of the finest quality and absolutely NO artificial colours, flavours or preservatives go into their products. Plus all of their products are also Gluten FREE! Except for our real ale products.

Over 20 Awards across the range of products over the last few years, and to continue this tradition they needed a wrapping solution that showcased their fine product. We were drafted in to provide an l sealer and tunnel to wrap trays of 3 6 and 12 bottles/jars in a presentation/travel format.

This product requirement as with many of our solutions is in our DNA so it wasn’t long before we had their product in our machines via a demo.

Needless to say Hogsbottom were impressed, and naturally went ahead with their purchase. We provided a solution that would be easy to use from an end user perspective, was efficient, eliminated waste, and provided an environmentally friendly presentation product. Polyolefin Shrink Film was used in an L sealer and tunnel line pefect for increased output should it be required, but also for variable sizes of trays etc.

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Company Budget: £6,000

Purchase Costs: £4,000

Production Upturn: 685%

Packaging costs reduced by 90%

Project Comment:

Shrink Wrapping Supplies, supplied a first class service from start to finish, and allowed our end users an easy to use solution, a value added product to our already excellently presented Jars/Bottles.

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