Case Study - Dvd’s


While the film industry is fast moving towards wholesale digital downloads, there is still an enormous market for keepsake DVDs which adorn millions of people's shelves. Gaming too is still very much a DVD based environment with many manufacturers seeing growth in these areas worldwide. These types of operations require the very best in end of line operations for both security, speed and efficient wrapping.

Project Specifications:

A DVD manufacturer had a variety of clients who wished to start packaging different merchandise with their current product output. Mugs, t-shirts and small accessories as gift packs. A multi million pound contract was relying on new DVD shrink wrap machines to cater for the additional packaging bulk, mainly from odd sized boxes.


We produced a review of their current operations. While it would have been far easier to spend £80,000 on new DVD shrink wrap machinery, it was considered best to make custom changes to existing end of line operations. While there would be some downtime, careful preparation and planning ensured this was at a minimum and was enabled one day with a full team on site.

This involved a new computerised system with laser sizing technology. The addition of new conveyor belts to sort products. The client has an open option on a new shrink chamber should size of products get larger than current estimates.

Company Budget: £30kPurchase Costs: £24kProduction Upturn: 471%


A DVD shrink wrap case study is a per gaming manufacturer assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your DVD production, packaging and distribution needs. This study involved four pieces of DVD shrink wrap machine equipment, new conveyor belts, upgrade to better software with laser installation. Side Sealing Machine

Project Comment:

"The provisions for this project were quite simple. Many of the end of line machines simply needed customising on site which is something our company specialises in. It is not always necessary to buy brand new DVD shrink wrap machinery if the current machines can be slightly adapted and are in good operable condition."

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