Case Study - Celtic Fish & Game


We were contacted by Celtic Fish and Game, the Cornish company who were established in 1985, quickly became a family run business based in St. Ives. They supply the catering trade and the company consists of Dad Geoff, mum Sylvia, daughters Emma, Naomi and Hannah and niece Zoe who, all play vital roles in the day to day running of Celtic Fish and Game. Geoff, a fisherman with over forty years experience in the catching sector brings a wealth of knowledge about all aspects of the fishing industry.

Celtic Fish and Game began sourcing fresh fish from local markets and boats and wild seasonal game from local estates. In its early days the product range spanned a single A4 page listing 35 local fish species and whichever game was in season at the time. Their Mantra “As far as possible our products are sourced locally”.

Celtic Fish and Game remarked:

“We buy and process feathered and ground game from hunters throughout Cornwall and Devon. Game meat is a product area which is becoming more and more popular and is one of the few product ranges along with fish that can be guaranteed wild and traceable. Another factor responsible in increasing the popularity of game is the consistency it provides in aspects of quality, price and flavour.

In addition to the Fish and Game we stock over one thousand fine food items. Our list has evolved from demand by chefs. The chef decides the ingredients they wish to work with and we do our upmost to source these products and so the list grows.

Sourcing as locally as possible is very important to us. In addition to the fish and game there is a wealth of local produce available. We buy local shellfish, meat, cheese and chutneys.

We have a smokehouse on-site where old techniques are used to produce exciting new products with local ingredients. We also smoke on request, so if you have an idea just let us know.

As a company we have evolved our range by customer demand, therefore our products always reflect current trends. Continue to tell us want you want and we will always do our best to supply it”.


Project Specification

It soon became apparent that there was a demand for a greater range of fish and game and as chefs requested new items, we endeavoured to source them and so our product list evolved. The list now spans 1500 fine foods and is still growing.

Having a wealth of experience in the food sector, Celtic Fish and Game contacted shrink wrapping supplies to provide a solution to their packaging, every growing product lists, meant demand which meant an increase in labour & packaging costs

We provided a solution that would be easy to use from an end user perspective, was efficient, kind to the delicate species of fine fish and game, but also provided an environmentally friendly presentation product.

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Company Budget: £8,000

Purchase Costs: £6,000

Production Upturn: 325%

Packaging costs reduced by 90%

Project Comment:

Shrink Wrapping Supplies, supplied a first class service from start to finish. Our fish and game get the treatment they deserve from our customers and chefs who cook them, so it was only natural they arrive in the same vein.

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