Case Study - Cd’s


The move into digital downloads in the CD industry may have changed the wholesale industry. But there are still many CD manufacturers that benefit from sales in the music ans software industry. All requiring automated CD shrink wrap machines to enable a faster and secure end of line operation to satisfy their customers.

While music CD wrapping is a much simpler process requiring individual case sealing. Those dealing in software tend to deal in different size boxes and weights and require and end of line operation that can cope. It was a software manufacturer that made contact to completely upgrade their existing end of line operation.

Project Specifications:

Having been at the leading edge of the industry for over twenty years and still reaping the benefits in a slower market. Taking advantage of competitors shortfalls was seen to be achieved by way of speed of delivery and better appearance of wrap. With external labelling and product tracking achievable, they need their entire end of line CD shrink wrap machine operation upgraded to take on new technology.


Security is a priority as this is a high leakage industry when it comes to theft. A highly regarded retail loss prevention element would ensure new custom. The ability to track expensive products that are worth hundreds of pounds on a compact disc was imperative. The requirements were to be able to scan barcodes at every step of delivery, to final purchase by the customer. We addressed this need with a validation system ensuring all barcodes were attached, checked, scanned for accuracy before despatch. Putting in place laser size checking so shrink wrap machine wrapped the oncoming product correctly.

Company Budget: £40KPurchase Costs: £36KProduction Upturn: 265%


A compact disc shrink wrap case study is a per software manufacturer assessment and review and no two will be the same. Contact us today for a brief chat about your CD production and distribution needs. This study involved several pieces of CD shrink wrap machine equipment, side sealing machine, conveyor belt and an assortment of validation and labelling inspection systems. View Side Sealing Machine

Project Comment:

"It is always a pleasure to assist in the grow of a leading manufacturer. It goes to show, that even though full automation is already being taken advantage that with additional end of line equipment, a business can attract new clients."

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