Case Study - Almighty Foods


In an age of highly processed foods, we strive to create products that are full of only natural, wholesome botanical goodness!

 Using only plants, fruits, nuts, seeds, roots, flowers, tree sap and essential oils. We stone mill these beautiful certified organic ingredients into a range of botanical raw chocolate bars and nut butters, that we think are particularly unique!

We sweeten all our products with evaporated coconut nectar and use no refined sugar. All our products are vegan friendly and contain no soy, dairy or general nasties.

We only support organic farming because nurturing the soil creates biodiversity and the longevity of our delicate ecosystems.

Project Specifications:

Client needed to speed up end of line distribution due to an increase in demand and new contracts. Their existing packaging comprised, expensive cardboard boxes to transition from warehouse to client. The client simply couldn’t sustain the costs, nor could they be passed on down the chain. They needed a cost-effective solution.


We reviewed the clients current format, and assured them of significant savings, output increases, reduced stock damages, and better presentation. With the restricted budget, we still needed to supply a medium output machine so suggested a used semi auto L sealer and shrink tunnel which was efficient enough to be able to use Polyolefin, which is not only very durable in transit but is also recyclable which sits very well with the customers ethos

Company Budget: £6,000

Purchase Costs: £4,500

Production Upturn: 625%

Packaging costs reduced by 80%

Project Comment:

Shrink Wrapping Supplies, were open and upfront about what machines would and wouldn’t do the job, they are also in it for the long haul, and would grow with us, by providing ongoing support and maintenance. Not only that, but should we find ourselves outgrowing our current machine, they would take that back in part ex off a new line.  Great before, and after sales care. Veiw our combi machines here,

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