Machine Box Sealing V Hand Sealing

As a producer or manufacturer you may be contemplating whether to invest in automation over manual labour or in this case, manual hand sealing versus machine box sealing. This is a question many businesses have had to decide upon when demand for their products has begun to increase over and above current capacity.

The obvious drawbacks are affording the initial financial investment which will take money out of cash flow and whether floor space allows for such an expansion. Though one would have to argue that if speed of production and distribution is being slowed down by a slow link in the chain, buying into machine box sealing should pay off by an increase in turnover and meeting that demand. Indeed, even preparing for future orders and new clients.

A side belt driven carton sealer such as the GPA 50 is not as large a unit as you might first perceive. You will no doubt have an area set aside for manual hand sealing of boxes and cartons which this will easily fit within. You will though need to consider a variety of conveyor belt options if you really want to get rid of associated manual labour altogether.

Freeing up a staff member to do something else within the chain or eradicating the position will be ideal, financially and make a lot of sense. A single person could perhaps seal two boxes a minute, a machine box sealer can offer speed and accuracy on up to 40 or more cartons a minute. If you currently run a production line and have staff hand sealing boxes at the end of the day before despatch, surely changing from hand sealing v machine box sealing is the right move to make and a business decision not a whim for new technology.

This is not the only question to ask however. At Shrink Wrapping Supplies we offer a full service where we sit down with our clients and discuss the whole production line to see where you can benefit from adding new production line machinery. While a carton sealer might be your first inclination, you may also benefit from a shrink wrap machines and a series of conveyor belts also.

To find out whether investing in machine box sealing v hand sealing methods will enable your company to grow faster, meet demand and take on new clients, complete our brief enquiry form. We will then arrange an appointment whereby your operations can be discussed to the fullest. Buying a carton sealer need not be a one off purchase, there are bespoke financing options available too.

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