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Servicing Contract Brochure

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1. Service Contract Brochure Shrink wrapping supplies ltd

2. Service Contracts what are they? Shrink Wrapping Supplies offers fixed price service contracts to ensure your shrink wrapping machinery is maintained in peak working condition, on a planned and preventative basis . These contracts not only ensure immediate attendance to breakdowns as a priority over non contract customers, it also substantially reduces labour charges to you, it will entitle you to a discount on film(s) and also lengthen the working life of your machine . Consequently, reducing your capital expenditure long term . The servicing is carried out by our own service engineers who have years of specialised experience in shrink wrapping equipment . The contract itself is then based on a number of visits and not on time . There is absolutely no time limit and so many customers take advantage by purchasing a contract with additional visits and spread the servicing over multiple years, thereby avoiding the usual annual increases in service rates and providing absolute stability of servicing costs . Service contract customers usually experience the benefits of drastically reduced down times and increased production efficiencies compared to companies who do not have planned preventative maintenance .

4. Shrink Wrapping Supplies Ltd Contact us Unit E2A Newton Business Park, Talbot Road, Hyde Cheshire, SK144UQ t. 0161 366 5552 f. 0161 366 5554 Sales Enquires Accounts Enquires Visit us About Us Our Company Terms of Use Contact Us

3. In Short We Can Offer... Peace Of Mind • Planned and preventative maintenance means less down time with machinery kept in a better working condition. • Wealth of experience with over 30 years experience as a business. • Servicing carried out by a highly skilled team of dedicated service engineers. • Priority response in breakdown situations. • All spare parts kept on the shelf in the UK . Incredible Value • Excellent value compared to the equivalent call out cost . • Ongoing discount on all film & part s . • Fixed cost however long the duration of the contract . Total Flexibility • Servicing schedules to suit you, not the other way round. • Absolute flexibility with no time limits set.


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