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12. 4. RUNNING PREPARATION OPERATION ORDER Confirm the air pressure (5Kg/cm) Turn the switch of power to “ON” Turn the switch of heat up of sealing blade to “ON” Preset the sealing time Preset the time of conveyor belt stop Adjust the height of triangular board according to the height of goods to be packed Adjust the width of conveyor belt according to the width of goods to be packed Fitting shrink film After fitting the film through each rollers and triangular board, put the top of film in to the clamp of chain Press the manual button to finish sealing action two times Turn on the operation switch to start the performance of conveyor belt Using your hand to sense the photo eye so to start sealing, do it 4 or 5 times Pull the end of wasted film to reclaiming device and fix it Now all preparations are ready - 9 -

2. Please be ware the following sign when operating this machine The power supply of this machine 1 phase 110V 50/60Hz The power supply of this machine is 1 phase 220V 50/60Hz Indicate that the direction of conveyer Must be connected with earth. Don’t open it without the permission of professional engineer. Dangers in possible cutting or burning operator’s hand.

4. 1. MACHINE’S DIMENSION AND OUT SIZE OF ITS PACKING GPL-4535wooden packing size GPL-4535exterior dimension - 1 -

20. GPL-4535 GPL-4535 - 17 -

9. Hinder conveying parts of GPL-4535 Film providing parts of GPL-4535 - 6 -


1. AUTOMATIC L SEALING PACKAGER OPERATION INSTRUCTION GPL-4535 ※ Before using this machine, please read this manual instruction carefully! ※ Subject to the changing in technology, we will not give additional advice for any alternation in this manual.


11. GPL-4535 GPL-4535 SEALING PARTS - 8 -

17. SEVEN RECLAIMING PROCESS 1. To seal for several times by manual after the machine started, the wasted film would be coiled out from clamping chain. After about 1 meter wasted film out, take it to the biggest reclaiming plate and fix it. 2. When the reclaiming plate with full wasted film, please unloading the front round board of the plate then you can take out all film. - 14 -

21. ELEVEN ATTENTIONS WHEN THE MACHINE IS RUNNING 1. Don’t put your hands under the sealing blade when the machine is running. 2. Please confirm all power connection is correct, right transporting direction of conveyor belt is from right to left. (Otherwise the film would not uncoil.) 3. If there are some troubles happened, please repairing it after turned off the main power, to try the performance by manual operation, and then open the automatic operation switch. - 18 -

13. 5. PROCESSED FILM FITTING Turn off the switch of operation when installing film. When the machines reached at destination, any operation or film installation may as well to do at assistance by our engineer, and give your full cooperation please. 1. Put film roller on the right position between the two supporting rollers. Position: the right position must be followed the guidance on the rollers (1/2 of the height of two triangular board). 2. Pull the handhold of perforator down about 90 degree. 3. Pull down the shrink film according to the drawing at following through each roller. 4. After film has been passed the sixth roller, return the handhold of perforator back. 5. Through the sixth roller, pull out a length film in about 1 foot and get it through both the conveying parts and triangular board to finish the film installation. - 10 -

16. 4. Preset the time controller of ‘Conveyor stop’ which for stop the package to seal, the suitable time is correspond with the distance between the end of package and middle sealing line. It better set the distance at 1/2 of the height of the package. 5. On the situation of the height of package is more than 6cm, please setting the margin distance of film between the top of package and middle sealing time before to seal. 6. After the distance for width of package has already set, please installing the film according to the method from “shrink film installation”. 7. After the temperature arrived at preset level, pulling out a length of film into the clamping chain, then pressing the “MANUAL SEALING” for several times till the side of film has clamped by the chain completely. 8. Turn on the operation switch, start the conveyor belt by “MAN TO AUTO” switch, then just to put the packages on conveyor belt to finish sealing automatically. The drawing of the right position for stop package - 13 -

18. EIGHT SAFE DEVICE The machine has designed and equipped with safe protect device which to prevent any no foresee accident very well. If there is miss cutting that the product was stopped under the sealing blade when the machine is running, the sealing blade would stop to seal and return back that to avoid any damage would happen at the machine. (Considered the safety purpose, there is no stopped circuit in conveying device) After repaired the troubles, pressing manual control switch to restart the machine’s operation. NINE MAINTENANCE Be able to remain the perfectly sealing performance of the machine under long time used, please obey the following proceeding. 1. Please to clean the sealing blade carefully by soft fabric after used the machine. 2. Then plastering the sealing blade fully with some cleaning cream, it can be touched some cream on the fabric at first. 3. If the blade has damaged result imperfect sealing, replace it with new one. 4. Maintenance for pneumatic parts 4-1 Leak out the wasted water 1. The accumulated water must be leaked out before it is go up the metal baffle. 2. Water is out just to turn over the piston on bottom of the bottle. Please note it is possible that the piston can not return back if you press it, if the situation was happened, please unloading the bottle’s bottom and press the piston from up to down. 4-2 Air pressure adjustment 1. Turn right the adjust button, the second press is going up. 2. After the pressure been set, please fixed the lock at upper the button. 4-3 Disassembling 1. Cut off the air source 2. Loosing the four screws which assembled in the adjuster, and its cover, string, mould combination. 3. Follow the order to disassemble the plastic plate, baffles and so on. 4. Take out each screw, string and supporting board for piston. - 15 -

15. SIX RUNNING ORDER 1. Turn on the power supply, then adjust temperature controller to be in suitable degree for package. Better propose---Horizontal sealing blade: 150 °C -180 °C , straight sealing blade: 150 °C -180 °C . Sealing time: 0.8-1.5 second. It can be freely adjusted when there will different caused by room temperature and different thickness of material. 2. Adjusting the height of triangular board by the upper hand wheel according to the size of package, but please interspaced 10 mm with the package. And the fitted distance for width of package can be moved by the hand wheel which equipped at the front of feeding table. 3. Preset the distance between middle sealing line and the side of package when its stop at sealing table. It better set the distance at 1/2 of the height of the package. - 12 -

6. 2. Machine’s panel, each button’s name and its function The panel of GPL-4535 1. The switch of power supply Control the general power of machine 2. Power indication light Indicate the machine is connected with power supply 3. Operation indication light Indicate that the machine is on working 4. Temperature controller of horizontal sealing Preset the temperature of horizontal sealing blade 5. Temperature controller of vertical sealing Preset the temperature of vertical sealing blade 6. Sealing time Preset the sealing time 7. Advance Control to leave remainder film before sealing as suitable distance for shrinking 8. Conveyor stop C ontrol to leave remainder film after sealing as suitable distance for shrinking. 9. Manual sealing It can select to seal by manual operation 10. Start and reset button. Restart whole running and reset the machine’s trouble 11. Manual/automatic switch Switch over from manual to automatic 12 The switch of horizontal blade heating up turn on/off the horizontal blade heating up 13 The switch of vertical blade heating up Turn on/off the vertical blade heating up 14. Kissing device start the kissing system which can approach conveyor belt together for some small package 15. Conveying form select the high-speed transporting or normal speed 16. Inspection photo electricity Select the different products induction by horizontal photo-eye or vertical one - 3 -

14. To continue the above steps at last page. Film passed through the sixth roller, please to install the film continuous according to the following drawing. 1. Spreading film at the front of triangular board. 2. To fold film by counter, the inside of film become outside. Let the top of film face to the direction of conveyor belt. 3. Using your left hand to press the film unmovable, pull the corner which formed by film folded on these two triangular board. 4. After the film already pulled on the both of triangular boards, pull out a length of film and clamped it in the conveying chain. 1 Upper triangular board 4 Film guide wheel 2 Down triangular board 5 Conveyor belt 3 Electrostatic stick - 11 -

5. - 2 - 1. Machine’s dimension L1600 × W845 × H137mm 2. the upper height of conveyor belt 800+70mm 3. Seal size W450 × L500mm 4. conveying speed In feed conveyor belt 21.3M/Min Out feed conveyor belt 20.0M/Min 5. The speed of film rolling out 17.6m/min 6. The speed of film towing out 19.4m/min 7. Sealing temperature The sealing temperature might be different caused by around environment according to different materials Single phase AC 200/220V 4P 50/60 Hz (1) In-feed conveyer motor 60W (2) Out-feed conveyer motor 60W (3) Film providing motor 25W (with brake) (4) Film clamping motor 40W (with brake) (5) Film reclaiming motor 15W 8. Power supply (6) Heater Horizontal 450W Vertical 550W 9. Air source 5 Kg/cm 2 37NL/Min 10. Sealing time Normally in one second, but it can be adjusted according to different package 11. Suitable Film PE PVC POF

10. - 7 - NO. NAME QTY NO. NAME QTY 63 hinder fixing board of sliding slot 1 90 linked board of upper sealing 2 64 Roller ‘III’ 1 91 screw 15 65 cylinder 1 92 upper sealing frame 1 66 motor 1 93 Side board IV of slot which for supported rubber. 1 67 screw 1 94 Supported rubber II 1 68 position limited block of guide staff V 4 95 supported rubber slot II 1 69 fix block of guide staff V 4 96 Side board III of slot which for supported rubber 1 70 supporting rack 2 97 upper sealing frame 1 71 turning board 2 98 Linked board of selectable sealing 2 72 guide staff I 1 99 Side board II of slot which for supported rubber. 1 73 position limited board 1 100 Supported rubber I 1 74 guide staff II 1 101 supported rubber slot I 1 75 film roller fix staff 2 102 Side board I of slot which for supported rubber 1 76 linked board 2 103 cover board II for front blade slot 1 77 sliding staff 1 104 front blade slot II 1 78 perforator wheel 7 105 fix board I of blade slot 1 79 perforator 6 106 sea ling blade 2 80 Roller I 2 107 front blade slot I 1 81 perforator base 1 108 cover board I for front blade slot 1 82 guide shaft III 2 109 cover board for side blade slot II 1 83 guide shaft V 2 110 Side blade slot II 1 84 perforator’s pole I 1 111 fix board II of blade slot 1 85 motor 1 112 Side slot I 1 86 line rack 6 113 cover board I for side blade slot 1 87 line rack pole 3 114 string pad 4 88 linked staff of supporting shaft II. 2 115 string press board 4 89 Supporting shaft I 1 116 Supporting shaft II 1

3. AUTOMATIC L SEALER MANUAL INSTRUCTION We are grateful for you choosing our products; here in this manual, we will provide you the correct operation to use this machine and other instruction for maintenance. Please operate the machine after your careful reading from foreword till to last summary of this manual instruction. ATTENTION IN USING THIS MACHINE 1. The engineer who responsible for using this machine, please keep it in best situation to operate at any time. 2. Please shut off the power and air-pressure source regularly and to clean the machine after used the machine. 3. Don’t put any tools or object inside or on the top of the machine. 4. Please shut off the power and air-pressure source regularly and to clean the machine after inspected the machine. CATALOGUE 1. Machine’s dimension and out size of its packing. 2. Machine’s panel, each button’s name and its function. 3. Spare parts sketch map. 4. Running preparation. 5. Processed material fitting. 6. Running order 7. Reclaiming process 8. Safety device 9. Maintenance 10. Drawing of electrical circuit 11. Attention when the machine is running 12. Trouble shooting 13. Packing list

8. - 5 - NO. NAME QTY NO. NAME QTY 1 Convey motor 1 32 supporting rack of driven shaft 2 2 Motor installing board 1 22 Under clapboard of conveyor belt 1 3 chain wheel 2 34 ‘II’ Supporting rack of induce switch 1 4 chain wheel’s pole 1 35 upper clapboard of conveyor belt 1 5 supporting shaft for film reclaiming roller 1 36 Motor 1 6 I’ film reclaiming roller’s pole 2 37 Fixing board of motor 1 7 ‘III’ film reclaiming roller 1 38 Fixing board of drive shaft 1 8 Side covering board for chain 1 39 chain wheel 1 9 I’ film reclaiming roller 1 40 Driven shaft installing board on right. 1 10 film reclaiming turnplate 1 41 conveying rack 1 11 roller’s pole 1 42 assistant roller 1 12 Motor installing board 1 43 drive roller 1 13 Motor 1 44 screw 1 14 film isolation shaft 1 45 ‘I’ supporting rack of induce switch 2 15 shaft’s base of film isolation 1 46 drive shaft installing board on left 1 16 chain wheel installing board 1 47 Installing board of induce switch 2 17 chain board 2 48 axletree with base 1 18 Link staff of film isolation shaft 1 49 Supporting board of conveying rack 2 19 Supporting staff of chain wheel 2 50 Link board of conveying rack 1 20 chain 1 51 Conveying rack’s roller. 6 21 Upper triangular board 1 52 chain wheel 1 22 down triangular board 1 53 side clapboard 1 23 fixing board of lifting rack 1 54 Supporting rack of conveying line 2 24 sliding board of lifting rack 1 55 drive roller 1 25 sliding ringer 2 56 roller I 2 26 fixing staff of lifting rack 2 57 roller II 1 27 Screw 1 58 front fixing board for sliding slot 1 28 hand wheel installing board 1 59 fixing board of cylinder 2 29 ‘III’ Supporting rack of induce switch 1 60 sliding slot 2 30 position limited block 1 61 clapboard 1 31 Driven shaft 1 62 fixing staff 1

22. TWELVE TROUBLE SHOOTING - 19 – Troubles possible causes trouble shooting no turn on the power turn on the power the fuse was broken Connection head was not well Wires broken No lighting of power supply Power light doesn’t working replace spare parts The Switch jump up Bad wires connection Confirm the position 1. Controller box Electricity leak out inspect the circuit the tension was too loose Can movable by hand the tension was too tight Adjust the screw The gear was not well Replace Can not movable by hand The tension of chain was too tight Adjust it Wires broken The motor was bad The continuous pin was bad The delay was bad 2. Conveyor belt Can not movable in normal situation The jiggle switch was bad replace spare parts Wires broken The motor was bad The delay was bad Transporting roller can not moved Brake was bad replace spare parts Bad performance of film providing Fix position was bad adjust it The tension shaft was not on level The position of tension roller was bad the degree of triangular board was not well adjust it The tension of clamping chain was too loose 3. Film Film can not moved The tension of clamping chain was too tight adjust or lubricate Wires broken The delay was bad Electrical magnet was bad replace spare parts No performance Air pressure was not enough inspect the air provider 4 . Sealing bar Sealing the fuse was broken Replace spare parts

24. THIRTEEN PACKING LIST No. Article Name quantity remark 1 Main machines 1 set 2 High temperature tape 1 roll 3 Tool box 1 pcs 4 Instruction 1 set 5 Inside hexangular screw 1 set 6 Movable spanner 1 pcs 7 “+” screw driver 1 pcs 8 Quality assurance 1 pcs - 21 -

23. TROUBLE SHOOTING 2 Troubles possible causes trouble shooting The heater was broken The delay was broken Replace spare parts It can not heating up The power supply is single phase Inspect the supply Temperature controller was broken Thermal-couple was broken Temperature can not adjusted Wires broken Replace spare parts Safety device doesn’t work Jiggle switch was broken Replace spare parts Wires broken Jiggle switch was broken The delay was broken Replace spare parts Can not to seal by manual Air pressure is not enough Inspect air source Sealing blade was broken Replace new one The temperature is too lower Sealing time is too short adjust it Air pressure is not enough Inspect air source 5.Sealing Seal is not firm The heater was broken Replace new one Wires broken The motor was broken The delay was broken The brake was broken Continuous pin was broken Replace spare parts The chain is too tight Then chain is too loose adjust it Clamping chain can not moved No lubrication Wires broken Add lubrication 6. Wasted film reclaiming Reclaiming wheel doesn’t work The motor was broken replace spare parts The voltage is too lower Inspect the voltage The power supply is single phase Confirm the supply The connection of delay is not well Replace it 7. Wrong performance Connection is not well Connected it again - 20 -


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